• Communication
    Raise Investor awareness through our Family of Financial Communication Channels.
  • Visibility
    Helping companies maintain a fair valuation within the market place through seasonal low periods.
  • Broadened Exposure
    Broadened exposure achieved through our network of sites and media services.

Macro Tech IR Inc

Macro T 190 x 34Providing investors, the large-scale (macro) and always-available picture of your company, by incorporating traditional methods of reporting into New Media and Technology (tech), to help you, our client meet your long-term Investor Relations (IR) needs, by providing continuous exposure, through a simple cost effective plan.

Included in our operations, Macro Tech IR Inc manages “Investor Echo” our Investor’s Network, “Seasonal Investing” a personal view on Seasonality and“Invest Daily” our Multimedia website. All Investor Relations begins here @ Macro Tech IR Inc with broadened exposure achieved through our network of sites and media services. Our goal at Macro Tech IR Inc is to connect Investors with Quality Companies having high potential for short and long-term growth, by providing the Premium Content investors are looking for, using all aspects of media including; print, audio, video, photo, animation and interactively through various social media.

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