Macro Tech IR


    Macro Tech IR Inc operates and manages a “Family of Financial Communication Channels”. We purposed each channel to provide investors with regulated no hype current market news, press releases, filings and other relative information of interest connecting investors with listed companies and market professionals through our unique networking systems and strategies, the “MT Family of Channels” and the “MT Exclusive Network”.

    The MT Family of Channels

    The MT Family includes; Investor Echo our capital markets information station, Invest Daily our multi-media marketing centre, Seasonal Investing with a focus on sectors presenting value through typical seasonal low periods (seasonality) and of course, MacroTech IR our Corporate Headquarters that houses the ”MT Network”.

    • You can find an expanded description of each channel under the “MT Family” menu. Information about our unique system and the role each channel has within our system under the “MT System” menu and the services offered to Listed Companies and sponsors under the “MT Services” menu.

    The MT Exclusive Network

    The MT Network™ is a private and exclusive subscriber based network only made available to Listed Companies, buy-side Institutional Investing Firms, Capital Market Analysts and exclusive Network Partners, Private Equity Allocation Firms and Accredited Investors. Find out more about our network here this menu “MT Exclusive Network”.


    The information, publications, advertising and partnership content contained within any of our family of channels (websites) does not represent an offer or solicitation of any form of securities or represent an offer or solicitation of any form of financial placement and or the integrity or soundness of the companies discussed or listed herein.